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Highly reactive epoxy oligomers are contained in microcapsules in order to make one-component paints and adhesive agents possible and provide a longer pot life. We have both aqueous dispersion and particulate product line-ups.

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Photo-Crosslinked Water-Soluble Polymers

These water-soluble resins include polymerized functional groups, forming a water-resistant and solvent-resistant film through exposure to ultraviolet radiation. We are developing applications for these polymers that include patterning materials, coating materials, and binders.

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Electroconductive Coating Agents

These are water-based electroconductive coating agents that can be used for preventing static electricity and smudging of optical films, and as a static prevention anchoring agent. We carry thermal-drying, thermal-hardening, and UV-hardening varieties.

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"Gemini" Surfactants

These double-chain, double-hydrophilic group, synthetic surfactants serve as foam-regulating agents and gelling agents with unique characteristics that include such advantages as an extremely lower CMC (critical micelle concentration), a lower Krafft point, and better stability in hard water compared with traditional activators.

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